Super Sparkler

[Pistol] [Medieval Highlands]

7 months ago

by TheGunBlaster Home Files

A magical sparkler from Bonfire Night, infused with the power of the Sun Goddess to allow you to shoot projectiles! 

This is my first weapon model.

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Creation Status Changed to Draft
by TheGunBlaster October 14, 2020
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva October 14, 2020


Very cute and clever idea for a gun :)

I have checked this style with various auras, and while it doesnt look perfect with some it looks great with others :)

However, i believe it would be worth it to try making it slightly bigger, somewhat more gun-shaped and glowing to make sure it reads better as Sparkler.  Without glowing it feels like it could also be the ribbons-on-a-stick kind of childs toy.

With Trove, we have to rely on the appearance of things, not their names or descriptions since Devs tend to name everything with a pun.

Going to set this creation to Active for now. Set it back to Needs Review if you upload updated model. If you d rather work on something completely different, set this one to Draft, it will free up a creation slot for other style.

In any case, good luck!

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by TheGunBlaster October 12, 2020






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