[Bow] [Dragonfire Peaks]

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Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva August 14, 2020


Sorry for the delay.

Whoa that bow is looking great. Straight lines really compliment the shape and colors are perfect match for Dragonfire biome :D Good job!

However, there are some things that would need to be adjusted before id be able to approve it.

First of all, Material maps. One voxel can not be Glowing on Type map and Iridescent on Specular map. Game engine does not process such overlapping maps correctly. It will either display glowing or iridescent. Same works for glowing and metal, glass and metal and so on. If voxel is mapped Glowing on Type, it has to be Rough on Specular.

Current mapping is on the left side, mapping sets that would correctly work in game is on the right side. If you dont have any voxels mapped on Type (everything plain white) you wont need to create that map as separate qb file.

Another thing, it would seem like you used automatic random coloring (noise) on brown part. This is not a good thing to do. Each voxel of separate color is processed separately and so with more 1-voxel-1-color you get models that are harder to render. Ofc one bow will not crash the game, but more of such models there are - slower the game runs for everyone. Plus, those shades are not even noticeable to the eye.

Two-three shades of bright orange-brown and three-four of dark brown should be enough to achieve same or even better appearance.

Going to set status of your creation to Active for now, but really hoping to see it back on Review with those things updated :) 

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by LFPOM July 28, 2020






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