Forbidden Needle

[Staff] [Forbidden Spires]

3 weeks ago

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This was once submitted to the subreddit a long time ago and got mod approved. It didn't go further than that because the subreddit got inactive.

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Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva June 17, 2020


Oh i remember this one, so happy you decided to post it here :) The staff still looks great, my pleasure to approve!

For future reference, here on Trovesaurus we require a blueprint of creation uploaded to Files tab so Devs could easily download, check and put creations in game. I see you posted some files there, but we only need the main blueprint made from staff.qb+staff_s.qb+staff_t.qb (and+staff+a.qb if you are using alpha map), no separate material map blueprint. Plus, a blueprint should be named styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint and so in your case staff_forbidden_needle[Cyekie13_].blueprint . Capital letters only in Creators Name please.

This time i ve uploaded a correct blueprint for you (made from Troxel link files), so dont worry about it :)

would be nice if u can put a link to the reddits page about this staff that it was approved

Looks alright. The stick needs a little bit of detail. Right now, it's just a stick. try adding some shapes like curves or little bumps to put fingers/hand in.

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Cyekie13_ June 15, 2020






Needs Review




Created 3 weeks ago

Updated 3 weeks ago

Approved 3 weeks ago

This Creation was Approved by Creation Moderators and is waiting to be considered by Trove Developers for Acceptance.


Forbidden Needle status has been set to Approved

Ylva 3 weeks ago

Forbidden Needle status has been set to Needs Review

Cyekie13_ 3 weeks ago