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In the distant future, The world of Trove is in the brink of destruction.

The Titans, guardian of Trove reside on the Moon has declare war upon the world.

This sudden invasion, brought chaos, misery and the question why?

Remaining survivor decided to stand up against the Titans, knowing the odd are against them.

A plan to travel back to the past has began.




Gunslinger, among the others has been chosen to the task.

The Time travel portal activation causes the time to bend and caught the Titans attention.

In the midst of battle, the Time portal was damaged, which causes a rift in time.

Gunslinger was stranded inbetween space and time, till...


It has been ages, perhaps eons.

Woke up in a prehistroic era, with no memories.

The only belonging is a gun.

In order to survive, a new class Dino Tamer was born. 


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QA Cat
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Remembrance of Reng
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