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Commented on Encryptions Swords Melee creation

Hello again!

Overall the sword does look much better, good job!
With a color shift it feels like this design could belong in Permafrost? You should be able to change the biome on Edit tab of the Creation, if that was the goal.

About the material maps, it seems like on a current model they are overlapping each other. The game does not render 'glowing iridescent' or 'transparent metal' etc. So if some block is mapped on Type map as glowing/glass/etc it can only be Rough/Default on the Specular map. Same is true the other way around.
You can use Lint and Export button in Troxel to check if maps overlap, on the right navigation sidebar find the Trove Creations tab, chose a type of your creation and hit the button. 

Here is an example of material maps that could work, i hope it makes sense!

Also, there are some floating blocks in the back end of the sword. I mean the ring that is not physically connected to the rest of the model.
Some old models do have details like this, but we can no longer Approve such models as they can cause issues, and the more such models there are the higher is the chance.
Could you please make sure that everything is connected?
Aside from it being a technical issue, floating parts also make models appear more fragile and unfinished from some perspective. So using an almost invisible glass blocks to fix that would not be a good thing to do.

Im going to change the status of this creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review once you upload any changes.
If you would rather work on some other design instead - you could change the status of the creation to Draft, that would free up a slot for another creation.
In any case, good luck!