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Commented on Sinister Spinosaurus Helmet creation


Whoa, what a creative design :D The model looks really awesome and i like how dynamic its pose is. 

Oh, i wrote a wordy comment before noticing that you already fixed most of the issues i was mentioning in that completely different model in comments. It is much much closer to a design that can be accepted, please update the Troxel link on this creation with it!

Things you already took care of: size, overall complexity, corner-connected voxels - good job!

To answer your other questions:

- yeah, the helmets have to fit in about 26x26x21 around the head, we have a helmet template available over here ( (but i think a couple of voxels sticking upwards out of that box would be fine)

- Is it possible for the model of the hat to extend past the top of the head? (c) - we have 2 types of 'hat' styles - Hats and Helmets.

Hats are placed on top of the head and do not extend downwards. This works this way to ensure that hats will work with hairstyles. Hairstyles get cut out 1 voxel above the head when hat is equipped. (these worth 1 mastery in collections)
Helmets completely replace the hairstyle model with helmet model so no hair (aside from eyebrows) remains. (these worth 10 mastery)

Image to illustrate, im using same hairstyle with hide hat, with hat and with helmet.

So the answer would be - yes, you can extend downwards if you are making a Helmet (which this creation seems to be).

The Troxel doesnt have a separate 'check' for helmets, it only works for 'hat' type. You can use Hair check template to get a rough idea, but it still will complain about various things.


As for creation feedback - honestly i believe it looks pretty great as is! However, you might want to adjust it just a tiny bit so the neck would be shorter and the jaw would lay directly on top of players head.

Also, it might be good to simplify the model just a tiny bit more so it fits better with overall Trove style. Flat-er surfaces and fewer single blocks would help to achieve that. I made a quick mockup to illustrate what i mean, you dont have to do it the way i did ofc, but i hope this helps:

Im going to change the status of this creation to Active for now, set it back to Review once you upload any changes.

You could also include a blueprint (one you put in override), it should be named creationtype_creationname[CreatorsName].blueprint, so in this case - helmet_sinister_spinosaurus[GooberBalls].blueprint . The capital letters should only be used in Creators Name. Having a blueprint allows Developers to quickly download, check and add creations to game.