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Commented on Blessed by the gods Helmet creation


Haha, this is a really neat idea for a helmet :D Well-made too! Those material maps really highlight the textures.

There is one minor thing that i would need to ask you to adjust though.

Currently the red feathers on the arrows could possibly resemble blood. On such a small scale that we have it can be really easy to misinterpret something, especially if the whole design is worn-in-battle.

We cant have blood/gore/other not family-friendly things in game, so id suggest to recolor those arrow feathers to some shade of green or may be yellow just to be absolutely safe.

Im going to change status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review once you upload changes. If you would rather create something completely different - you could change the status of this one to Draft. That will hide it from the list of Active creations and will free up a slot for another one :)

In any case - good luck!