I honestly like this egg, its pretty simple but the colors are very on-point! I get a feeling that this egg features an abstract art of a warm summer day by the seaside :D I wonder if that what you had in mind while creating it :)

That said, i believe it would look even better if you could make the coloring just tiny bit more sophisticated rather than straight layers. Following up that seaside feeling, may be those layers could represent waves?

I made a quick edit to show what i mean. That massive golden seashell there is only because i felt like it might fit, please do ignore that suggestion if you feel like it has no place in this design :)

We will surely count the current design for the Participation, but if you wish to get it Approved and possibly implemented in game - please do work on those color layers just a bit more :)

I am going to change the status of this one to Active. Hoping to see it  on review again!