I thought i saw the most colorful eggshell today already, i was clearly wrong :)

The shell looks correct from the technical side of things, but i am having a hard time figuring out the color combinations. Im afraid it might be a bit too colorful as is.

What is the idea behind this one? I mean, i can see those nice ribbons and cute bows, its just the explosion of colors that feels confusing. Knowing about your previous creations i can most certainly say that you do have a good eye for color, which makes me believe that there is a reason for everything on this shell too, but i just dont see it >_<

I tried to follow your line of thoughts and ended up with this. Those yellow bowties really do feel wrong though. Is this something that you were aiming for?

Im sure we can make this shell work, just not right away.

I would like to ask you to work on it for a some more time, if you would like to see it Approved. We are going to count this for Participation reward token for sure, dont worry about that. 

I am going to change the status of this one to Active. Hoping to see it  on review again :)