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Commented on Eggshell Contest - panda egg - 1/5 Dungeon (1 Star) creation


Hahah this one made me smile :D Such a cute idea for an eggshell!

Model looks really good, and seems to be perfectly correct from the dimensions point of view.

I would like to suggest adding just a tiny bit more colors. I understand pandas are just that, black and white, and it is part of their charm, but may be you could use shades of that white to add some 'fur' texture? Or some inbetween shades to make edges less sharp? Or May a little bit of soft-grey for the inside of the ears and around the mouth?

Those suggestions are meant to address my biggest concern with this shell - while it looks incredible from the front, sides and back are by far not as interesting.

May be a cute small tail will be enough to make it better :) Let me know if you would like more suggestions or a visual examples.

I am going to change the status of this one to Active, hoping to see it on review again :)