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Commented on Edge of Chaos Staff creation

Hello again!

Staff feels oddly familiar :P Please dont make new posts if you are working on perfecting same design, feedback or any other comments get lost this way.

With that said, this design is definitely an improvement! I like new details and material maps.

However im still not quite sure that full design has achieved that 'wow' selling point. To be clear, from technical side the staff is absolutely correct, it works and it looks good. Thing is, there are  quite a lot of good styles in game so at this moment of time we really need aim to 'wow' devs awesomeness and special appeal of designs. Something silly and fun ideas work too :)

I still think your design could work, and i tried to play around with it and ended up with following edited version. You do not need to copy it in any case, its not perfect and only meant to hopefully serve as inspiration.

Adjusted things: rods are further away from eachother and end with circles like plants in Neon City do, their color changed to match same plants, added bright pink to spice up the blues, added same-ish rod on the back of the staff to unite it.

Im pretty sure you can do better :) Somewhat cleaner shape and colors that highlight that shape instead of hiding it should definitely work. Its hard to see the details behind that beautiful deep blue, might be worth to check out whole Neon City and Luminopolis color pallets (bottom of the page) 

Changing status of your creation to Active for now, if you decide to continue working on this design, upload changes to this post and set it back to Review please :)