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Posted on Edge of Chaos Staff creation

Ylva Creations Team
1 week ago

Hello and welcome!

Quite a curious staff, i do like those deep blue colors!

Abstract and simple design can be attractive, however i am not all too sure about those four long and thin blue rods. May be they could be less straight like circuit tree branches with loops on ends (those light blue from Neon City)? Or they could be wavy as cables? Or they could be thick, colorful and transparent like laser beams? Or if you d want to go for some other biome, somewhat more natural looking rods could work as coral for Treasure Isles, or even a squished squid (head on the back, tentacles-rods on the front).

What im trying to say, it is easier to come up with a selling design for a style that has some special idea going on.

You could also make use of Material Maps, those are used to make voxels glow, be transparent like glass, shine like metal etc, which can really enhance the appearance of styles in game :)

To sum it up, the design could work with some more effort put into perfecting it.

Going to change the status of your creation to Active for now, change it back to Needs Review if you upload changes. If you d rather create something completely different, set it to Draft, that will hide it from the list and free up a creation slot.

In any case, good luck!