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Commented on Hope's End Melee creation

The sword is certainly more intimidating this way :) Cant say im all too fond of everything going on, but i can understand the appeal.

My concerns at the moment would be those two voxels on top, they seem to stand out quite a lot, is this on purpose?

And the spikey voxels on the bottom of the blade, would it be possible to connect them? (Also did some shading there to make it look a bit more smooth).

Aside from all that tho, i see you went with Cursed Vale which made me think, if you highlighted that skull with more Bone colors than metal and switched from reds to swamp green\mushroom purple the sword would fit in the biome nicely.

Not everything needs to be simplistic, but clean and easy designs are more favourable because of the Trove Style we r trying to maintain.

Going to set it back to active, please work on this some more.

I could approve it no problem, but i doubt developers would pick it for the game as is, sorry :(