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LunarTrove 2 weeks ago

Tonight I put some of this into practice, wanted 156 Augments worth of dust and to do so I had opened (2,940) Uber-9 Gem Boxes (Prime) and only upcycled the Radiant and Stellar gems.

The total dust gained was 1.452m*, cost me about 1.171m Flux and 83 minutes of my time. The cost was roughly 0.81 Flux per dust this way, with Gem Day + Patron + Gem Fixture active. [Before/After (]

Traditionally I'd have to run 15.6k 1* dungeons with the gem fixture buff, on non-gem days, to gain that much dust from loot collecting [21,840] shadow boxes.

*48K extra from lopsided rng, plus two lv 15 gems initially kept but later loot collected

With 2000+(0.81 x 9000), 9.3K per Precise augment.


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