Rise of the Shadow Tower Update! Arriving on 9/15/15!

==Game UPDATE==

Lunar Lancer is now live!
  • This fast and foxy fighter can throw spears and grapple to them, support their allies by dropping an area effect buff, and (while fighting) can transform into lunatic mode – dishing out more damage and taking much less.
  • An all-new weapon, the spear is now live and available for the Lunar Lancer

Lunacy Pack is now live!
  • Pick up the Lunar Lancer, both costumes, two new mounts, and two store-bought legendary tomes at a deeply discounted price!

Shadow Tower is now live!
  • Use the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench to craft a Shadow Tower portal that can be placed in your Club World.
  • Unlock normal mode using a Shadow Key, and unlock hard mode using the new Moon Key.
  • Each Shadow Tower floor is made up of 4 Shadow Arenas, or Dungeons, followed by a Shadow Titan boss fight. Defeat each floor once a week for unique rewards in the form of Titan Souls and Lunar Souls (spent at the Shadowy Market at the end of each floor).
  • Hard mode floors grant a 50% bonus to damage to any class that is the only one of its kind. This is reduced to 25% for two of the class and 0% if there are three, or more.
  • Eyes of Q’Bthulhu earned from Shadow Caches increased slightly.
  • The Shadow Tower has replaced standalone Shadow Arenas, thus Shadow Dungeons and the Shadow Lair no longer spawn.

Legendary Tomes
  • Legendary Tomes are now live. These tomes are worth 100 Mastery Points and can be triggered once a week for a large number of resources.
  • Eye and Tentacle of Q’Bthulhu Legendary Tomes can be purchased with Lunar Souls
  • Chaos Chest and Dragon Coin Legendary Tomes are available in the Trove Store.

Deals Update
  • Rotating deals now refresh hourly instead of daily
  • There is no longer a $5 rotating deal and instead there are two $20 rotating deals
  • There are new, rare rotating deals, including a class coin, inventory space, Golden Chaos Chests, and more!

Challenge and Dragon Cache Update
  • There is a new Ancient Dragon Cache which is now earned through challenges and on the Trove Store. This has 3 times as many Dragon Souls, 2.5 times as many Dragon Coins, no eyes of Q'Bthulhu and 35% less Flux. It no longer grants penta-souls as a rare result, but rarely does reward 5 coins or 10 dragon souls.
  • Previous Ancient Dragon Caches will now be called ‘Flux Filled Ancient Dragon Caches’ and remain unchanged.
  • Challenges now only go up to rank 3 and completing this rank grants a full non-tradable Dragon Soul. Uber 6 now grants a 4X multiplier instead of 9X.

  • Added a bald hairstyle to the barbershop! Go take off all that nasty hair! Designed by Mr. E.

Additional Updates and Fixes
  • Origin portals can no longer be opened in the Shadow Tower
  • There is now a new set of Neophyte's Wings earned at Mastery rank 10 that are slower than other wings in the game. The previous Neophyte's wings are now Adept’s Wings and are earned at mastery rank 40.
  • The Mega-Skater is no longer available through mastery and will show up again later. The Mastery recliner mount is now earned at mastery rank 30.
  • Golden Thread final objective is now to hit mastery rank 20 and challenges now unlock at mastery rank 20.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory items could appear upside down, especially for Mac users.
  • Reduced the count of consecutive days logged in needed in half for the consecutive days logged in badge. Some people have worked hard to max this, but the barrier was just too high if it got reset. This should make it more reasonable to try again if you can’t log in a day.
  • Fixed extremely rare crash when merchant NPCs are attacked.
  • Custom keybindings for Flask, and adventure item slots have been reset.
  • Untradable Dragon Souls and other untradable items can now be deconstructed for 100 glim.
  • Crafting music blocks now gives 3 instead of 1. Sorry MajorTom.
  • You can now rebind controllers through the Settings dialog and set two bindings per Action.
  • Added new mappable hotkey for build mode call NextSlot for use with Controllers that selects the next non-empty hotbar slot.
  • Hotkey binding has moved to the new Settings category "Hotkeys" and additional options for Controllers including "Thumbstick Sensitivity" have been added to the Controls category.
  • You can now connect a controller after starting the client.
  • Fixed errant cooldown sounds that triggered when changing classes multiple times.
  • Setting the "appear offline" option no longer shows your current location or mastery rank on other's friends list, like if you are actually offline.
  • You can now view your current Chaos Factor in your Character Sheet
  • Added option to Settings to enable client audio even when the client window is in the background.

Community Creations
  • New items have been added to the Shadowy Merchant: Chaotic Sail Shadow Ray mount, designed by FriedSushi
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Stedms.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Joshato.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Evilagician.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Stedms.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Esytwin.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Guape.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Syn1x.
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Kaasislvs.
  • New Spear styles by Rivale, Balthier, Zukusu, CreepnChristian, Anzy, BurningPhoenix, Byoo, Afalach, Erudito, fatherGIGA, Mrfondle, Uberzolik, Zirk, Cman0147, Swashbuckler, Acculluz, Razkharn, Cretoriani, and Martik have been added to the game!