Weekly Updates
Super Saturday!
Between 11:00AM UTC Aug 27 and 11:00AM UTC Aug 28, log in for:
  • 24 extra Daily Loot Chests!
  • +100% XP (this stacks with our normal Saturday bonus XP)
  • +10 Jump (Kriss Kross'll make you...)
  • 2x Star Bar Cubit Payout
Patron Sale!
  • 3, 6, and 12 months of Patron Pass are ON SALE! Buy in game or through the Trove website!
Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! This week's top loot: Rampage Raptor!

Battle Arena
Cycled some maps out, and added 5 new ones:
  • Death Hoops by Player213
  • Anniversary Cake by Market
  • Under Fortress by ScreamHeart
  • Blatantly Radiant by Dexa and Smeeshy
  • Battle Ship by Wontons

Misc Changes
  • Old, previously removed packs have found their way back into the rotating deals that show up each hour in the store!
  • Adjusted the names of some of some store items in the Packs tab.
  • To prevent confusion, Legendary Tome: Tentacle Tract has been renamed to Legendary Tome: Ropey Readings