Tombstone Tempest

A costume for the Gunslinger.\n\nThe weather forecast for this high noon is a hail of bullets.

Designed by: Trove Team

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Tombstone Tempest in the following methods:

Other methods to obtain:

Has been available as codes to claim on Trovesaurus  from March 8, 2019. Might be restocked in the future. Tempest

Granted to players who are opted-in to the Newsletter when they Purchase any Credit-based Pack:

  • 750 credits
  • 3 250 credits
  • 5 000 credits
  • 8 500 credits
  • 18 500 credits - Additionally unlocks the Triumphant Troveblade style!

As mentioned by [Postcard] on the Trove Forums.

Additional Information

" To change your opt-in status just follow the steps listed on this page. If you play Trove on a console and want to take part in the program be sure your console account is linked to your Trion account following these steps. Be sure you’re opted into the Newsletter for the same platform on which you’re making the Credit Pack purchase to be eligible for the reward. "

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pliz giveme 1 pliz ),:

liked this!

liked this!

come fast plss ;^;

I want it 0^0

Il y aurait moyen de recevoir une notification pour les nouveaux code sinon je kiffe ce skin je leur a tout prit

Can wait for the codes to be restocked, this is one of ma favourite costumes

I'm doing all the steps and it's not letting me get the costume, my Username is Londonisgifted 


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