Buff Howlug Berserker

A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\nBurst out from the depths of Geode in a howling, feral frenzy.

Themes: Geodian

Designed by: maleeBEAUTIFUL

This item is still under development and is not yet added to the game.

How to Obtain

Buff Howlug Berserker is not yet available in the game!


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Haha this costume looks so funny and great! You should really make this into a mod so that we can all enjoy it and not have to go through the grueling wait for the implementation of this costume (who knows how long it’ll take). I REALLY REALLY want this costume, just because the idea of a ripped howlug superhero flying in the sky and destroying dungeons with eyebeams is so enjoyable. Anyways, if you read this, keep up the good work and i hope to see more of your work in the future (PLZ MAKE THIS A MOD).


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