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Adventures Window
  • The Adventures Window is a consolidated place to view all available Adventures (formerly known as the golden thread). Press the Menu button on XB1, the Options Button on PS4, or the “I” key on PC to access it.
  • Choose what to show in the HUD: Club Adventures, Event Adventures, or Expertise Adventures. Even control whether to see the Star Bar or Tomes Bar.
  • All new players who hit character level 8 will gain a new series of Expertise Adventures teaching them how to build, bomb, collect recipes, craft, place Frameworks, create Workbenches, and more. Older players will also receive these Adventures.
  • The option to hide challenges and objectives has been moved out of settings and can now be found in the Adventures Window.
  • Framework recipes have been added to the Workbench, Forbidden Workbench, Haunted Workbench, Candy Workbench, Store, and Mastery Rewards. These new recipes allow players to craft and place entire structures in their Club World.
  • The Forbidden Workbench now has Advanced Frameworks. These recipes have a rare chance to drop from Forbidden Spires recipe dungeons.
  • The Radiant Watchtower and Shadowy Watchtower can be found in the store, each of which grant one ready to place framework and unlock the recipe.
  • Once placed, these Frameworks cannot be picked up again. They can only be deconstructed into individual blocks and decorations.
  • Blocks that overlap where a Framework are placed are dropped as loot.
Forbidden Spires Biome
  • The Forbidden Spires, a peaceful and ancient place, has been discovered. This biome appears in low-level worlds, and is the featured biome in Uber-6.
  • A new crafting material, Cinnabar, can be found in the Forbidden Spires biome.
  • New Forbidden Spires decoration recipes have been added to the recipe dungeons in the biome.
  • A new workbench, the Forbidden workbench, has been added to the Builder’s Crafting Bench. Craft one to craft Forbidden Spires decorations and frameworks.
  • Monsters in the Forbidden Spires biome will rarely drop Fiery Feathers. Collect 100 along with other materials to craft Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies on the Forbidden workbench.
  • Panda Mounts can now be crafted on the Adventurer's Crafting Bench using Panda Talismans, which are rarely found in Uber 8 and higher adventure worlds.
  • The Spire Spirits Adventure Box – containing the Frolicksome Fox Spirit and Crimson-Crested Crane mounts – can now drop from any world.
Tethering [Public Evaluation]
  • Tethers are a new way for players to group up and share XP and loot. Each tether gets an icon and name, and by default these appear in nameplates and in the upper left corner of the UI.
  • To create a tether, just use the Tether hotkey and look at another player to automatically invite them to a tether. The same hotkey can be used to leave an existing tether or kick another player. (Only the tether’s leader can kick a member.)
  • By default, the tethering hotkey is Ctrl-E on PC. On Xbox and PS4, tethering actions can be performed by holding down the button used to switch between adventure and build mode.
  • XP and loot from killing NPCs is now distributed only to individual players and members of a tether that have dealt damage to that NPC.
  • Players who move 500 blocks away from the tether’s leader will automatically be kicked after 30 seconds.
  • Options for Tethering can be found under Settings > Social. Tethers can be automatically rejected from all sources, automatically accepted from friends and club members, automatically accepted from anyone, or set to always manually accept or decline. The display of Tethering icons can be set to show only the player’s icon on the nameplate, everyone’s icons, or no one’s icons.
  • We're aware that there may be concerns about how loot (and not experience) is distributed as a result of two different tethers competing over a lair/dungeon boss chest. In some cases, the first tether was able to disarm the chest and collect loot before any members from the secondary tether could damage the chest. Tethering is still in the "Public Evaluation" phase at the release of the Adventures expansion so it's highly likely this will change, or tethering will be removed, as a result of live feedback on this topic.
  • Mastery rewards have been extended past Mastery Rank 300.
  • The mastery tab in the character sheet has been adjusted to make it easier to find relevant information. Mastery is now displayed in chunks of 50 or 100 – complete 1 chunk to unlock the next!
  • Early mastery rewards have been reworked to more clearly call out when Marketplace, Trading Post, and forum posting privileges are unlocked.
  • New mastery rewards have been added at 220 (5 Radiant Sovereigns) and 270 (the Eclipse Key Codex), filling existing gaps. Any player who would have earned these will receive them upon first login.
  • New mastery rewards at 100 (the Dragon Horde Deposition Tome), 250 (a Golden Dragon Effigy), and 260 (Goldwing Falkanzer Cub Ally) replace Chaos Coins or Golden Chaos Chests at these levels. Any player above these Mastery levels will receive the new rewards upon first login.
  • The Mastery Points required to achieve Mastery Rank 0-300 is unchanged. Above 300, players will need half the targeted Mastery Rank in Mastery Points to Progress. For example, 150 Mastery Points are needed to achieve Mastery Rank 301. 300 Mastery Points are required to achieve Mastery Rank 600.
  • Players with enough Mastery Points will jump from 300 to the appropriate Mastery Rank and receive all the benefits immediately.
  • There’s no longer an extra chaos factor granted for being at Mastery cap.
  • The bonus damage from each Mastery level has been reduced from .2% down to .15%
  • New rewards include:
    • Dragon Horde Deposition – a new tome which grants 15 dragon coins and 1 Trove of Wonders once a week
    • Eclipse Key Codex – a new tome which grants 5 Eclipse Keys once a week
    • Several framework recipes, which together can be used to build golden castle walls
    • New tomes that grant gem dust once a week
    • New mounts, allies, fishing rods, boats, auras, and more!
  • The leaderboards now have an entry for the highest PR clubs under Power Rank. Club PR is calculated by adding the club’s 50 highest members’ total Power Ranks.
  • New leaderboards have been added for Flawless runs of every Ultra Shadow Tower boss. To achieve a flawless run, all players must live throughout the boss fight. These leaderboards count flawless victories in a week – lead teams to glory and earn Light Chaos Vaults!
  • A new leaderboard has been added for Weekly World Boss defeats. This tracks defeats of T-Rexes in Jurassic Jungle along with Flakbeard, Thallasion, and Dracocolatl defeats. The top 300 players on this leaderboard each week will each earn 10 Party Animal Pinatas.
  • A new leaderboard has been added for Weekly Club Experience earned. Earn Experience for a Club by completing Adventures, found in that Club’s Club World. The Top 1000 Club Experience earners each week will be rewarded with a Golden Chaos Chest!
  • A new leaderboard has been added that tracks Weekly Dungeon Clears. Rank in the top 30,000 Dungeon Clearers to earn an Empowered Gem Box!
  • The Mastery leaderboard has been redesigned, following changes to the Mastery system. This leaderboard now grants a unique name tint to the top 2000 players for Mastery rating each week. Rewards which used to be available from placing on the Mastery leaderboard are now instead available through the above new leaderboards.
  • Weekly contests for Defeating Enemies and Opening Boxes now occur more frequently.
  • The following leaderboards have been removed from the game: Total Blocks Placed, Total Blocks Destroyed, Total Fish Caught, Total Heart-A-Phone Hearts Received, and Total Hearts Sent.
Trophies, Badges, and Achievements
  • New Badges for the Eclipse Update have been added! Defeat the Shadow Tower bosses, select various sub-classes, and upgrade gems to complete these new Badges!
  • These badges can be found under the Collections menu, but are also achievements for Xbox and Trophies for PS4.
  • (PC only) Steam achievements have now been added to Trove.
  • New additions to the Store:
    • The Infinium Chef Pack is available! Contains 5 tasty mounts, the Delicacy Dealer costume (Knight), 2 nifty styles, the SS Tekka boat with matching sail, and the Infinium Chef ally himself.
    • The Super Starter Pack is available, and the old Starter Pack is retired. This 8x value is a great start for new players, contains the new Chaotic Pinata Mount, and is available to all (new and old!) players for the first week.
    • The Radiant Watchtower and Shadowy Watchtower are now available in the Style tab. Make a Cornerstone auto-impressive with this ready-to-place Framework or use the included recipe to cover a Club World in Watchtowers.
    • The Land Scaper 8000-T has been added for any bulldozing needs. Throw on the (not included) Blastcap Builder costume, get out the Land Scaper 8000-T, and get ready to knock it all down.
    • The G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 is now available, and has moved from the Events section in Collections to the Store section.
    • Wings of the Phoenix for individual purchase (previously this was part of the Essentials Pack)
    • A six-pack of Ninth Lives for all those gem leveling needs
  • Many mounts, wings, magriders, and costumes are now cheaper on the Store!
  • The Essentials Pack will be retiring from the store at the end of November! The Wings of the Phoenix will be available for direct purchase. (The other items will be available again in some other fashion.)
  • The price of patron has been reduced across the board.
  • Patrons now additionally earn 33% extra Adventurine.
  • The Deals tab of the Store has been reordered to better display all the free products first.
  • Two new allies (the Winking Tentabox and the Chaotic Mimic) have been added permanently to the Chaos Chest. Both deconstruct to Chaos Cores.
  • Chaos Coins no longer drop from Chaos Chests.
  • Patron Points have been renamed to Loyalty, but their functionality remains the same.
  • Radiant Sovereigns no longer drop from Boons.
  • The Radiant Sovereigns cost of a Golden Chaos Chest in the Radiant Merchant in the Hub has increased from 3 to 4.
  • Wings sold in the Store are now found under the Store heading for Wings rather than under Rare.
  • Koroki, the Sower of Chaos, and the Contorting Contemplator are now found under the Chaotic heading in collections for Mounts and Pets respectively.
  • (PS4 and Xbox only) 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month Patron is now available.
  • (PS4 and Xbox only) Disaeon is back for console players! Earn a free dragon with the purchase of any pack as an extra thank you. (Note: PC players can earn Disaeon through the Refer-A-Friend program.)
Luxion of the Golden Hoard
  • Luxion of the Golden Hoard has been spotted heading towards the hub.
  • Twice a month he will land and vend his artifacts and curios for a limited time in exchange for Dragon Coins. He will have some new items, some highly-sought items, and some timely goodies. Don't miss him - he will touch down on December 15th for the first time! Look for him in the Hub beside the Dragon Crucible.
  • Chaos Chests will still contain exciting new items, as well as the backlog of previous chaotic items, and very rare “permanent rares”. But they will no longer contain items that had been given out in Events or are otherwise no longer available. Instead, Luxion of the Golden Hoard will occasionally vend such items.
  • 3 new dragons have landed! Recipes for each can be found in the Dragon Crucible, and their egg fragments have been scattered throughout the game.
    • Bubble Dragon Egg Fragments for Sarsaponia, the Pristine can be found fishing in water
    • Blocktron Dragon Egg Fragments for Blocktron, the Guardian Beyond the Sky, can be found at the Market Fixture in Club Worlds
    • Starfire Dragon Egg Fragments for Almakhestia, Host of Starfire, can be found defeating elites in the Shadow Tower
Knight Updates
  • The basic melee attack for the Knight can now hit NPCs one block above or below
  • The Basic Attack for the Knight now does 117% more damage
  • Retribution now causes the Knight's basic attack to reduce target outgoing damage by up to 5%. Additional attacks refresh stacks of the debuff.
  • Smash energy cost has been reduced by 50%
  • Smash no longer has a knockback
  • Smash no longer has a stun effect
  • Smash now has a 3s taunt effect similar to the Empowered Revenant Gem, "Aegis Assault"
  • Charge now does 22% more damage
  • Charge now does damage when passing enemies
  • Charge now applies a taunt to all NPCs effected by the ability
  • Charge now applies a 1s stun to all targets that take damage
  • Iron Will energy cost has been reduced by 50%
  • Iron Will now reduces 50% of all incoming damage to the Knight (versus 75% previously)
  • Iron Will now reduces 10% of all incoming damage for 7 players within 8 blocks of the Knight
  • Iron Will now redirects 10% of all incoming damage to the Knight for up to 7 players within 8 blocks
  • Spirit Squire Class Gem Changes:
    • Cooldown time has been removed
    • No longer slows down the Knight when used, allowing for greater freedom of movement
    • Energy cost has been reduced
Radiant and Stellar Rings
  • Recipes for Radiant and Stellar rings have been added to the Ringcrafting Bench. 250 skill is required to craft these items. If you like a class, you should put a ring on it.
  • New Ringcrafting Recipes:
    • Celestial Diamond – 10 Meteorite Fragments, 25 Crystallized Cloud, Golden Soul, and 1000 Flux
    • Vitality, Power, Wisdom, and Delving Spiral Boxes – 2 Shadow Diamonds, 2 Penta-forged Shadow Souls, and 25 Infinium Ore. Open Spiral Boxes to reveal a random Level 1-5 Shadow Ring with a small chance for a Level 1-2 Radiant Ring.
    • Vitality, Power, Wisdom, and Delving Seal Boxes – 2 Celestial Diamonds, 2 Forged Radiant Souls, and 25 Formicite Ore. Open Seal Boxes to reveal a random Level 1-5 Radiant Ring with a small chance for a Level 1-2 Stellar Ring.
    • Vitality, Power, Wisdom, and Delving Solitaire Boxes – 2 Celestial Diamonds, 2 Forged Stellar Souls, and 25 Cinnabar. Open Solitaire Boxes to reveal a random Level 1-5 Stellar ring.
  • Radiant Rings now loot collect into 1 Celestial Diamond and Flux.
  • Stellar Rings now loot collect into 2 Celestial Diamonds and Flux.
  • Rings can no longer be erroneously added to the forge.
Plasma Fishing
  • Plasma Fishing has been added to Trove! Craft the new N-0 Depth Scoper fishing pole on the Nautical Assembler workbench in the Hub, grab some lures, and hit the nearest plasma pool.
  • Many of these fish can only be caught under special circumstances – crafty and patient anglers will be rewarded with the rarest catches.
  • All plasma fish can be caught at trophy weights – better have a gold catch to back up your fish story!
  • Fish are now unlocked by default in the Loot Collector.
Early Game Changes
  • There is now a new tutorial – learn all the basics of Trove! Experienced players can check it out using /tutorial.
  • New players can now choose between the Candy Barbarian, Boomeranger, Tomb Raiser, Gunslinger, and Knight classes. Detailed number-crunching shows that new players enjoy these classes the most. The Free Starter Class Coin now reflects these starting classes.
  • The Lunar Lancer, Dracolyte, Boomeranger, and Pirate Captain are now in the ‘Basic Classes” section of the Chaos Crafter, but their crafting costs are unchanged. The Class Coin and Store remain unchanged.
LED Blocks
  • A new type of block has been added - LED blocks. Don’t blink or you’ll miss them!
  • These blocks are available in 15 different colors and have 3 different behaviors. Every block should switch transition when it's looked at and the loot hotkey is used - i.e. if it's a Short Interval block and it's on On/Off, interaction will switch it to Off/On.
  • Persistent LED blocks stay in 1 Y9QW state – persisting On or Off.
  • Short Interval LED blocks transition between On and Off every 1 second.
  • Long Interval LED blocks transition between On and Off every 3 seconds.
  • LED Block Recipes have a rare chance to drop from Recipe Lairs in all Biomes or can be purchased from the Club Merchants for Adventurine.
  • LED blocks can be crafted on the Cube Converter.
Music Note Blocks
  • Extended the range of music note blocks by adding an octave at the upper and lower ends. They now span C2-C7# instead of G3-C6.
  • If an instrument block is equipped on the hotbar, interacting with a note block on the hotbar now uses that instrument instead of the piano sound.
  • When placing a music block below an instrument block, it now uses that instrument instead of the piano sound.
  • Added 7 new instruments to the instrument block: Clarinet, Female Vocal, Sine Wave, Saw Wave, Tubular Bell, Split Chip Bass, and Split Chip Bass 2.
New Dungeons
  • New Shadow Tower dungeon from Frokly!
  • New Frontier Lair from Tobstarrix!
  • New Frontier Lair from Frokly!
  • New Frontier Lair from Xegor!
  • New Radiant Lair from blahblahbal!
  • New Highlands Dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Treasure Isles Dungeon from Pennry!
Additional Updates
  • Completing the Star bar now grants 500 Flux in addition to 500 Cubits, or 1500 of each when in Patron status!
  • Flux Treasures now have a chance to drop from boss chests that appear after completing a dungeon or lair (not including chests in the shadow tower). They stack, are untradable, and can be deconstructed into flux at a loot collector.
  • Dracolyte's passive now also causes their target to take 2.5% increased damage for 5 seconds after receiving any damage from the Dracolyte.
  • The Dracolyte's Class Gem now has an increased chance to spawn a minion from Burnt Offerings, and those minions' lifetime has been increased from 20 seconds up to 25 seconds.
  • The PVP Portal in the Hub now leads to 5v5 Team Death Match instead of Capture the Flag.
  • Stellar Weapons, Hats, and Face equipment can now be loot collected resulting in a Forged Stellar Soul and some flux.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using /joinme while changing worlds.
  • There is now a short required internal cooldown for emblem equips which is not affected by cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gunslinger's subclass passive wasn't removed correctly.
  • Subclasses that do damage should no longer trigger effects that trigger when doing damage to enemies.
  • The stats on the Clownish Kicker dev ally have been nerfed. Sorry, Morticus!
  • Attempting to claim an item without inventory space will now display an appropriate error message.
  • Fishing under the influence of Lunacy will no longer leave the player in a bad state.
  • Lunar Lancer's spear now orients correctly when activating Blessing of the Moon while transformed by Lunacy.
  • Five new Stellar Auras have been added to the Prism of Light! The Supermagical Surge, Bubbling Biofield, Dance of the Firefly, Tough Love, and Neon Nemesis auras are now available.
  • Added new costumes to the Chaos Crafting Workbench! There are new costumes for the Boomeranger, Chloromancer, Dinotamer, Gunslinger, Lunar Lancer, Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter, Revenant and Tomb Raiser!
  • Fixed an issue where the Shadow Tower UI would not display the correct cost when switching difficulties.
  • There’s a new option in Settings to enable or disable visibility of the player’s own name and power rank.
  • Minigames now display a timer before they start rather than a “Waiting for Players” message.
  • Fixed a gem level-up animation bug that could make the maximum HP stat appear to increase more than it actually was.
  • Fixed an issue where the socket gem prompt could display twice and cause the new gem to be deleted.
  • Attempting to equip a second Volatile Velocity empowered gem will now give the appropriate error message.
  • Added /waddtarget to the metaforge. This adds the targeted block to the build inventory.
  • The UI to unlock a class will now correctly say “Unlock” rather than “Buy” on the button.
  • The “Go Shopping” Golden Thread now specifies that any Store purchase - including credits, cubits, or free items - will satisfy the requirements.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Add to your Collection?" popup where the "LEARN" button could be pushed off the bottom of the screen, preventing players from using certain large collection granting items. Which is pretty much the saddest thing ever.
  • Gunslinger Costumes with custom VFX for the M2 ability now use that VFX even if the Gunslinger Class Gem is equipped.
  • The Skysunder Sniper costume for the Shadow Hunter has found the missing part of its leg. (Silly Skysunder Sniper, missing legs are for Pirate Captains!)
  • Revenant’s Spirit Storm VFX should no longer be left behind or obscure the player when descending stairs.
  • Using a class coin now swaps to the newly unlocked class.
  • Purchasing a class in the store will now swap to the newly unlocked class.
  • The description for non-tradable Class Coins now reflects their actual decon value of 3 Double Experience Potions.
  • Added 3 more speed settings for magrails.
  • The Sky-High Pancake Stack ally now has stats.
  • The Frontier Workbench now has unique visuals instead of masquerading as an Adventuring Workbench.
  • Fixed Razer Chroma bug where locked ability keys appeared green instead of red.
  • The skull for the Shadow Hunter’s Shadowmark is now visible when wearing the Skysunder Sniper costume.
  • Repositioned the left wheel VFX of the Blacklight Neon Cycle to align properly with the bike.
  • Fixed an issue where the subclass ability icon in the character sheet would not reset.
  • All heal VFX have been made visually consistent. Heal VFX are now pink with small hearts, regardless of how the heal is applied, or of the class or skin of the player.
  • The Shadow Hunter Anarchy Archer costume now has green and purple VFX.

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Additional Updates
  • A Club UI bug fix sampler pack has arrived.
  • The blue color for player names have been removed. They may return some day when they're distributed in a fairer way. Is it possible to miss a thing that never happened?!
  • You can now accept 6 Club adventures - 3 from clubs you belong to and 3 from clubs you do not belong to.
  • Fixed bug where adventure NPCs could be killed by lava
  • Rings can no longer be added to the forge.
  • Items being picked up are no longer all described as block.
  • Tethers should no longer have strange string references.
  • The /zonerestrict command will indicate what permissions are needed to edit the zone after being called.
  • The stats on the Clownish Kicker dev ally have been nerfed. Sorry, Morticus!


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