Papa Sage

Knowledge is wealth. Period.

Themes: Trovian

Designed by: Evilagician 10 Trove Mastery


Papa Sage has the following effects:


3.0 % Critical Hit

? Ally will create a non combat pet to appear alongside you and provide you with bonuses.

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Papa Sage in the following methods:

Other methods to obtain:

To celebrate 5 years of Trovesaurus we release the Papa Sage ally to everyone with a Trovesaurus account. [Source] we released a few hundred of these early with a Trovesaurus Discord promotion.

Distributed by Trovesaurus, can be claimed from the Trovesaurus Claim page when we have codes for him in stock.  Claim a code and apply it to your Glyph account.

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I claimed a code, then when I went to add it to my account it said it was claimed. It is not in my in-game inventory ether. Please help!

i can't give the code he already taken help me pls 

Edit: i give it ;3

Give me plx :c

Discord user on my profile :'c.

My discord tag is linked to my trovesaurus account, but it doesn't seem to recognize that I've added the tag, even though that was a couple of days ago.  Is there something more I need to do?  How do I access the discord trovesaurus server?


For this early access promo you need to be part of the Trovesaurus Discord server yes, you can join that at the link is also on the front page of the site :)


dude are you the one who designed the peacock mount? OwO

Первые полчаса не мог получить т.к. писало, что аккаунт не привязан к диску, потом выдало, что коды закончились. ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО. АППЛОДИРУЮ СТОЯ.


I'm sorry you didn't get one of our early release codes, everyone will get a chance on December 17. Or one of our other early events. Good luck :)

thx for the ally and for making it be able to get it early b4 the actual release <3
appreciates and happy 5th bday c:

ty for the free ally <3 

ok i redeemed a code and logged in on ps4. its not there. is this only for pc?


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