Papa Sage

Knowledge is wealth. Period.

Designed by: Evilagician


Themes: Trovian


Papa Sage


  • 3.0% Critical Hit
Knowledge is wealth. Period.
10 Mastery Points
Designed by:

? Ally will create a non combat pet to appear alongside you and provide you with bonuses.



To celebrate 5 years of Trovesaurus we release the Papa Sage ally to everyone with a Trovesaurus account. [Source] we released a few hundred of these early with a Trovesaurus Discord promotion.

Distributed by Trovesaurus, can be claimed from the Trovesaurus Claim page when we have codes for him in stock.  Claim a code and apply it to your Glyph account.


Trovesaurus Year 5

Papa Sage
Allies 10

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Imported in Patch: Into the Deep

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Papa Sage

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I claimed a code, then when I went to add it to my account it said it was claimed. It is not in my in-game inventory ether. Please help!

i can't give the code he already taken help me pls 

Edit: i give it ;3

Give me plx :c

Discord user on my profile :'c.

My discord tag is linked to my trovesaurus account, but it doesn't seem to recognize that I've added the tag, even though that was a couple of days ago.  Is there something more I need to do?  How do I access the discord trovesaurus server?


For this early access promo you need to be part of the Trovesaurus Discord server yes, you can join that at discord.gg/trovesaurus the link is also on the front page of the site :)

liked this!


dude are you the one who designed the peacock mount? OwO

Первые полчаса не мог получить т.к. писало, что аккаунт не привязан к диску, потом выдало, что коды закончились. ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО. АППЛОДИРУЮ СТОЯ.


I'm sorry you didn't get one of our early release codes, everyone will get a chance on December 17. Or one of our other early events. Good luck :)

thx for the ally and for making it be able to get it early b4 the actual release <3
appreciates and happy 5th bday c:

ty for the free ally <3 

ok i redeemed a code and logged in on ps4. its not there. is this only for pc?

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