Hexflame Harrier

A sorcerous steed, much sought-after by mages of all stripes.

Themes: Shadows Eve

Designed by: Aviarei 50 Trove Mastery

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liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

hi i tried to redeem the code on the website but it said it's already redeemed? Could you please help me? I really appriciate it! thank you and sorry for my bad english >.< i use xbox one btw

[Deleted User]

This comment by xCrixus420 has been removed by Etaew

How to get a code?

Hi there. Loving the game so far but after linking this account to Glyph and Glyph to my ps4 account, claimed all the free stuff and it says that I claimed them in my redeem codes area on the Glyph website. Its been 3 days and ive yet to recieve any of these rewards in game. Is this normal or am I not getting them?

The codes might be late to register into your account. Be sure to submit a ticket to see if you can get this sorted out.

uhhh how do i get teh code


go to https://trovesaurus.com/ and in the right you will see claim and just claim it

where is the code i'm new to the website please help


How do i collect all the codes?


Thanks for the mount!!! LOVE IT!!!

whats the code?

Omg thank you so very much!!! Never thought I'd get this mount. So happy

Arkadaşlar Yardım Nerden Alıcaz bunu


Very cool.

nerden alıcaz peki bilmiyorumda yarımcı olurmusun


This mount looks so cool :3

how i can calim it


why i cant claim this:(
after i press claim it goes to a white page everytime:(

i need auras T-T


but thanks for the mount its so cool

Love it, but I love the otter mount more. It's more cute.

 this mount like a hallowen gande

TY for the free mount :D


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