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Fortras, the Herald of Battle

Announces the arrival of utmost annihilation with world-engulfing firestorms.

Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +3% Health Regeneration, +500 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.

Designed by: Trove Team 250 Trove Mastery 30 Power Rank

Items which unlock this collection:


Fortras, the Herald of Battle has the following effects:


  • 90 Movement Speed


  • 95 Movement Speed
  • 100 Glide

Last updated 11 months ago

? Mount allows the player to move quickly on land.

? Wings allow the player to glide through the air.

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Fortras, the Herald of Battle in the following methods:

Found in the following Lootboxes:

The following lootboxes are currently obtainable.

Other methods to obtain:

Obtained as a Very Rare drop from a Trove of Wonders.

Last updated 11 months ago

Additional Information

Can fire faster than standard dragons.

This dragon's fireballs have a slightly larger radius and fall straight down.

Last updated 5 months ago by SugoiTrash



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Imported in Patch: Faster Fish and Double Dragon

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