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Morgana wrote:

Arriving on 8/4/15!


* You can now add up to 105 additional slots to both your adventure and build inventories!
* Open your inventory and look at the bottom, click the + to unlock that row. This will unlock that row in BOTH adventure and build inventory bags!
* Once all rows in a given bag are unlocked, you can click on the next bag to access additional slots.
* You can also find tradable Inventory Unlockers in the store under the Goods tab!
* SALE! For the first week, unlocking inventory is half price! This only applies to unlocks performed through the inventory UI itself, not to the tradable items.

* Two Inventory Expander items have been added to the Starter Pack.
*Players who previously purchased a Starter Pack will retroactively been granted two of these items. <3!

* Ever wonder how awesome that new weapon you just picked up was? Now you can know!
* Go into Settings>Miscellaneous and check "Show Combat Numbers" to see how much damage you're doing!


* Player summoned objects and minions now show an outline when on the other side of a wall.
* Players now correctly get magic find bonus when their minions kills an enemy.

* Chaos Chests have been randomized! Get lucky, and you might get your hands on the Cygnus-01 Speedcycle!

* Your Patron Status can now be viewed at the top of your character sheet.
* Tooltips now properly update when right clicking an item to equip it from your inventory. Yay!
* Fixed a bug where the mouse wasn't recaptured if you activated the chat while holding Alt.
* In the settings menu, reverting from fullscreen/fullscreen windowed mode back to windowed mode will correctly restore the original window size and position.

* Trove will no longer hide behind start bars, or off-screen where you can't grab it.
* The Trove window now has a minimum size.
* You can no longer make Steam Wallet purchases when running Steam in Offline Mode.
* The Fireside Pemburr Pup should now be visible and working.
* The "Red Flag" and "Skull Flag" Treasure Island recipes no longer float off of the walls onto which you place them.
* The Flames on the Blue, Red, and Yellow Neon City Lanterns are no longer floating in the wrong place.
* Fixed a bug when aiming at spikes could cause wild projectile shots.
* Fix a bug where using an ability while dancing makes you appear to use the ability while dancing to other players. Now you see yourself dancing while using the ability, too! (Also works with other emotes.)
* Lobber traps no longer damage NPCs.
* Some light-stepping cats have gotten paw prints!
* Fixed bug where Homeworld Heart tooltip didn't show mastery level requirements when you were below that level.

* New bow styles by WolfTech, CatThatFromTheHell, Aodahn, Jorty_B, Kopros, barryscott, Haosi, necrocake, N1ghtmarePT, Aey and Choczy have been added to the game!
* New pistol styles by Knightlock, Yeronix, Stedms, ASGNeoN, Eriri, Aey, Techonrye, and Kill3rCreeper have been added to the game!
* New Staff styles by Weemuddy, IamKolten, BrianVI, MappyT, TheWookieOfDoom, Aey, Arik4shin, AdamantSpartan, Sheribonbon, blattoidae, Fiuza, and Ocgineer have been added to the game!
* New decor by Xeviar, illand, IcyAngel, Mythlit, Eriri, Woofbottoms, Irvaxis, Qoaleth, Slinthas, Khastiel, mamagabby, Insaint, Pufflebump, Market, Ocgineer, Volfide, ReshiramFury, EyeballPrincessII, Talitharine, MoganFR, PsicoVoxeL, GadgetCAT, Stedms, and ffgamen have been added to the game!

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Avarem wrote:

* The Ice Sage is now live! Freeze your foes and drop ice for massive damage.
* Snowfest is here! There is now a new more festive Hub and more!
* The Rudolph Raptor and Reveling Reindeer mounts are now in the store!
* The Santa Barbarian costume is now in the store!
* Snowfest Mystery Boxes are live! They drop at a rate of 50% from shadow chests in U1-3, U4 always drops 1 and U5 always drops 2. They will also occasionally drop while adventuring in the world.
* New Snowfest lairs from Tribe, Stedms, Lykos, and FriedSushi!
* Golden Holiday Keys are now available in the store - these keys let you open a Holiday Mystery Box (currently the Snowfest one only) and acquire only the rarest rewards.
* Two star stats now have a +30% stat boost.
* Chaos forging has a second higher cost option for forging with eyes. This has a significant chance to 'crit roll' two star stats.
* Basic eye forging on the chaos forge has a small chance to crit roll two star stats.
* Pearls now set the new stat on a piece of equipment to 50% of the possible stat power.
* Your class level number is now increased by each two star stat on equipped shadow equipment and again with each piece of shadow equipment with 15 and 25 forge. This means there is now a max class level of 40 which you can achieve by earning better gear.
* Your class level is now shown on your tombstone.
* Increased chance for resplendent ring boxes to drop shadow rings.
* Startup error boxes should now be more descriptive.
* Fixed an issue where parts of the hub could be destroyed.
* Fixed an issue with fast attack speeds and attacks not registering.
* Attack speed, health percent, lasermancy, and energy regen on shadow equipment has been slightly reduced if you have a piece of shadow equipment that doesn't have two stars.
* Health regen on shadow equipment has been increased.
* U4 is the old U5 and the new U5 is stronger. Shadow equipment drop rates in U4 and U5 have been increased.
* Dodge no longer costs or requires energy to use. Instead there is a short cooldown between uses.
* Shadow Arenas now have slightly increased bonus damage.
* Mushroom bombs, muffin bombs, lava bombs, and lobber traps' explosions now deal similar knockback as NPC projectiles.
* NPC spin attacks now deal less damage.
* Neon Ninja's Stasis Blade effect now reduces the knockback creatures receive.
* Pemblocks' caroling cousin Pemburr can no be crafted from your Crafting Bench.
* Meta rank cap increased to 80. We're still working on the major rewards.
* Arcane flask now lasts 8 seconds up from 6.
* You can now buy the bordered blocks and standard signs recipes on the store.
* Block packs now cost 50 credits.
* The Ice Cream Crusher Candy Barbarian costume now has VFX.
* New staves by Gendgi, MappyT, Aceship, Ixion, Arnoxuz, robali, MaxSnoBunnie, Klosax, Tyronious, Mcleetsauce, LukeTehBawss, Bahamuth, Netro, CowKillur, Eldricht, Knave_Skye, Fastlex, User, McPiGi, SendicateX, Dex, OMZ, Lumica, MeteorKing, KeKo, Uberzolik, SwagMaster9000, Ladykitty, Tamaru, FuzzyDerp, Fhilian, MajorTom WoToW, watermellonduke, MapletXD, TheMag76, and Igmolicious have been added to the game!
* New pistol styles by MurderBullets, SleepyGhost, Shnryu, ReeceCJ, HolyHamGrenade, FearReaper9, Grumpsa, Sylcion, Supamuffin, Aceship, Vultre, Ademante, Creepakins, Gendgi, Stedms, Walyn, Broadeye, xDrHellx, Zareko, Rivenar_James, miopiIV, Zeptimus, Cahen, GreenEyedStranger, KD_Studios, Averoin, Nebakinezzer, ludouicus, NightmareRose, Qazsz123, and Dyceman have been added to the game!

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