Fancy Carpet

Hover high above the common folk.

Themes: Fancy

Designed by: Trove Team 100 Trove Mastery


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  • [collection=collections/mount/carpet_fancy] desc changed from 'Hover high above the common folk' to 'Hover high above the common folk.'
  • The Fancy Carpet mount no longer adopts player movement speed as its gliding speed.
  • 200: 71 Mastery Gold Crown (Hat) Fancy Carpet (Mount)
  • The Primblock (a fancy corgi) has been granted to all supporters at Champion level and above and the Fancy Carpet has been granted to all Conquerors and above. These rewards, along with the Rich Raptor and crowns, will continue to be available in Beta and beyond.

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    Imported in Patch: Dance Off Edition

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