Bounding Golden Beetle

A domesticated beetle is a friend for life.

Themes: Highlands

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery

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  • Producer's Note
    This week is our second week of changes focused around the new player experience. In addition, we have a very exciting revamp of the Collections Window and a new set of Dragons created by our community! We're going to be releasing these dragons in batches - this one is focused around rare tradable eggs. Future Dragon batches will have other types of acquisition. Finally, we've boosted Patron to be more appealing for end game players, many of whom used Patron early in their Trove experience but later decided it was no longer worthwhile.

    Join us next week for some gem acquisition buffs and further new player experience enhancements.
    Update - not listed in original notes:
    • Fixed an issue that caused Combat Text to "be all crazy" sometimes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Contest leaderboards from showing up
    • Added info about Chaos Chest and Bulldozer sale

    New Collections Window!
    The collections screen got a major overhaul to improve loading time and functionality! The new window has some amazing features:
    • Ability to favorite styles!
    • Meta category showing all styles you've recently unlocked!
    • Meta category showing all styles you've recently equipped!
    • Search bar!
    • A "find on the marketplace" button for uncollected styles.
    • The ability to hide styles you don't own.
    • And more!

    Weekly Updates
    • Chaos Chest contents have been updated! Bounce your way to the new Bounding Golden Beetle.
    • The BULLDOZER is on sale this week for 50% off!

    Three new community designed dragons descend upon Trove! You can obtain the Ludini egg from the Adventure Boxes, Erimatra egg from the Shadow Boxes and the Panatea egg from pi

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