Armored Archaeoceratops

Anachronistic, but geared up and ready for adventure.

Designed by: Trove Team

This item cannot be traded.

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Mod Info

Animations (mount_archeoceratops)

3 other files use the same animations.

Rig (mount_archeoceratops)

3 other files use the same rig.


C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_arm_l Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_arm_r Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_chest Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_foot_l Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_foot_r Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_head Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_hips Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_jaw Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_leg_l Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_leg_r Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_neck Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_sail Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_shin_l Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_shin_r Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_tail_01 Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_tail_02 Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_tail_03 Blueprint Troxel

C_MT_archeoceratops_armored_ui Blueprint Troxel



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Updated: August 22, 2017 - 12 months ago

Created: June 27, 2017 - 1 year ago

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