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Argent Avenger

Crafted at [item=Shadow Market]

A costume for the Knight

Blood Knight

750 Credits

Bone Knight

1,250 Credits

Delicacy Dealer

  • Obtained by purchasing the Infinium Chef Pack for 19,99USD

Dragon Knight

750 Credits

Elysian Guardian

750 Credits

Enforced Eradicator

Both tradable and untradable versions unboxed rarely from Locked Adventurine Strongbox.

Costume for Knight class – equip through Collections once unlocked.

Heroic Hydrophobe

Unlocked together with Heroic Hydrophobe's Hat hat style.

Included in the Spring Fling Pack store pack.

That pack can be purchased from the in-game Store for 3000 Credits during Spring Fling event (May 2020).

Level 10 Knight

This costume is automatically unlocked when you level your Knight to level 10.

Level 20 Knight

This costume is automatically unlocked when you level your Knight to level 20.

Level 30 Knight

Unlocked upon reaching Class Level 30 on Knight.

Platinum Paladin

Obtained exclusively through the Mega Menagerie Pack  for 29 . 99 USD

Starter Knight

Automatically unlocked upon crafting the Knight, a Starter class from the Chaos Core Crafter.

Recipe includes...

Alternatively unlocked through a  Starter Class Coin.

Topside Templar

Can be crafted at Crystallogy Workbench, unboxed from Greater Geodian Topside Cache or purchased from in-game player Marketplace.

Trovian Defender

Exclusively purchased from the Spooky Swag Bag for $ 9.99 USD.

Trovian Guard

750 Credits