The Trovian Maestros 83188

A world filled with music of old and new.

A club on PC. Ranked #1/1422 by number of reported props.

A world filled with music of old and new.


Members 140 Entry managed by slyer


If you would like to join, all you have to do is message any member and they will add you.

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Art Contest

Gardening (Spring) Art Contest
Art Contest Ends 3 weeks from now


St. Qubeslick 2019
Event Ends 5 days from now

Art Contest

Secret Art Contest 2
Art Contest Starts 4 weeks from now


Mount Parade
Event Starts 3 weeks from now

Modish Marksman
Giveaway Ended 2 days ago

Sweet Sally
Giveaway Ended 1 week ago

Geode Surface
Art Contest Ended 3 weeks ago

Rolling Salvo
Giveaway Ended 4 weeks ago

Subterranean Scramble
Event Ended 4 weeks ago