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Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunters destroy evil wherever it may hide. Heed the Dark Whispers of your captured shadow, pick off distant enemies with a charged Radiant Arrow, and trap them with Sun Snares when they get close.

Class Video

Class Art #3 - Shadow Hunter

Etaew (PC) July 11, 2016 885 views

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Focuses on dealing damage to kill enemies quicker.


Dark Whispers (Level 0)

Nearby enemies periodically receive a Shadowmark, increasing the damage they take from charged Radiant Arrow shots and allowing the Shadow Hunter to see them through walls.

Radiant Arrow (Level 1)

An attack that can pierce through enemies and walls. Hold for at least 1 second to charge, causing it to deal extra damage to Shadowmarked enemies.

Sun Snare (Level 3)

Throws a blinding trap which stuns and damages all nearby enemies for 2 seconds when triggered.

Arrow of the Goddess (Level 5)

Applies Shadowmark to all nearby enemies. Empowers the Shadow Hunter's next Radiant Arrow, increasing its damage, doubling critical damage, and causing it to knock enemies back.



Physical Damage
Critical Damage
Critical Hit/Jump
Movement Speed

Maximum Health
Critical Damage
% Maximum Health/Magic Find
Movement Speed

Maximum Health
Critical Damage
Physical Damage
Movement Speed

Physical Damage
Critical Hit/Magic Find



Emblem 2


  • Physical Damage on Everything
  • Critical Damage on Everything
  • Critical Hit on Enough Gems to Reach 100% (Swap Surestrike with Beamer)

Random Shadow Hunter Art