Hub SquareBiome

Hub square is a safe haven for all travellers. All of the most important portals and workbenches can be found here. Players spawn in the very middle of Hub.

Trovian Atlas is located at the bottom of statue of Sun Goddes Elysia, players can travel to all corners of the world using it.

To the left of the statue there is a Club building with portals to player-made club worlds.

To the right - Event celebration zone, once there is a holiday in Trove, some holiday-related building appears there. For example - Xmas tree and Hockey field during Snowfest, Spooky ghost house during Shadows Eve or a huge Turkey during Turkeytopia. 

In the bottom right corner there is a Hub Ship Shack with Saltwater Sam npc, he sells fishing supplies.

Between Hub Ship Shack and Event zone there is a building with PvP portals and merchants.

In the bottom left corner players can find few small houses that have all Event workbenches ( Snowfest Table , Shadowy Station, Turkeytopia Table)as well as means to recover Novice Crafting bench.

Near the huts player can find a Dragon Forge. Huge statue of a Dragon guards the entrance to lava-filled room with Dragon Crucible.

Right next to Dragon Forge there is a Dragon Coin platform, Luxion of the Golden Hoard lands there two times a month to sell rare goods for Dragon Coins.

To the left of Hub Square during summer of 2018 whole trovian race was building an Ark - spaceship to carry trovians to Geode.