Eerie ValeBiome

This biome can be found on the surface of Geode in Uber-8 (PR 5000, no Light required), Uber-9 (PR 10000, 100 light) and Uber-10 (PR 15000, 2125 Light).

Each occurrence of Eerie Vale contains one Leviathan Lair. Type of Leviathan in the lair depends on an Uber its located in. Lobstroso spawns in Uber-8, Timmense, The Powerful Pontoon in Uber 9 and Ifera, Underlord of The Deep in Uber-10.

Defeat Leviathans to obtain Lesser Geodian Topside Cache, special Torches that provide Light stat and for an additional chance to drop Crystal-3 equipment.

Lairs themselves are inderstructible but some Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine can be found in the biome around it. Mining those ores rarely drops Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragment.

Eerie Vale NPCs





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