the knight defending his garden

will the knight save his spring garden?

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liked this!

liked this!

liked this! this is a cute art <3 

thx i did my best :]

liked this!

liked this!

i tried and did the best i could, i just went with the first original idea that popped into my head.       : ]

liked this! i liek cuz u use paint same liek me and i like microsoft paint user


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Gardening (Spring) Art Contest
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Thanks for your entry in the Gardening Art Contest, we'd like to note that the quality of this entry is pretty low and that the contest runs for an entire month, we encourage you to spend time to create an entry that you are proud of and that you consider your best effort for the time provided. There are still several weeks left but as it stands this won't be considered for a contest reward. If you would like to improve and update your entry please let me know, I look forward to your growth as an artist.



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