farming in peaceful hills

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yeah they noted me lol they are just noting everyone now


As a policy change the notes will be removed and we'll step away from a reward everyone mentality which required it, but I feel that the note wasn't read. I tried to be as encouraging as I could be, and highlighted how there was a lot more time left to create a revised entry.


i'm sorry if you felt like my comment was rude, i was just telling my friend how lucky he was to not get noted. also your note was pretty kind and i did put forward the effort to try my best to make  good painting after my first one was noted but due to the error that kept popping up i just left it

thank god that I didn't get noted


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nice pic bro you deserve to win more than i do :/

7 like?!?! oh mayy goaddddd

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wow 2 likes?! thanks so much I tried my best if you have any comment or advise please leave it in the comment it will help a lot also if the crayon nice or should I use other settings

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