Great usw of simplistic style :o realy like it! 

Dayumn.. that looks niit :D, what programm/s did u use? 

Boi yo gettn god tho! Real like u'r art :3 keep it up! Chiaars

Quite like your style :O looks very toony and original.. i was planing of making some short animations for fun :D and practice in general.. so if u want, we could do someting together :3

Realy Luke the Perspektive oft the pice:D, die a great job there! 

 Congradz to the winners :)

Looks so fancy

Dunno.. some ting cool.. like a dragon.. or we paint someting together ect.

Would love to make some kind of collab withchuu :D, tell me if u want to.

Danng it, that looks awesome :O! 

Realy like that cartoony style :D Keep it up!

 So i do only have a chance to get one of these codes when i'm at the games com? Or can it be won by others too?

That looks so cool  :O realy love the details on the wings *-*

Reminds me of some plush animal :D, but love the pose and the colours tho! Keep it up!

Concept of some dark Chaotic World.

Thank u for apriciating it :)

Had fun painting this :D, I wanted to add som enimies too.. but as i tested it, it destroyed the painting xD.. so i stay with that.

So a while ago, i painted that Hammer Conceptart.

That would be fun :D, ya I would participate as an artist i gues.

The thing is i'm pretty new to trove.. so i havent created some trove related art jet, wich i could post on trovesaurus..

But if its enught, hers my instagram Portfolio: 



I do Art and Adult stuff.


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