Alright so this one took me a while. Animals are probably my fav to draw and this mount has to be the cutest thing in the world so I decided to draw a cute version of it and ended up adding another otter and a clam and fish in the middle. I had a lot of f

HarryResol (PC) 3 weeks ago


I know the fragments look different from this egg but it turned out so ugly trying to draw an egg based off the frags lol. So here he is, the blocktron drag just hatching from his egg 

HarryResol (PC) 3 weeks ago


I wanted to name her BEEatrix or BEEyonce but my bestfriend says she'll hate me if I do so call her as you please. I had a lot of fun drawing this one and I'm really happy I got to participate even with all this school work aghh 

HarryResol (PC) 1 month ago


Lol the Dino’s tamer isn’t sitting there rethinking his life choices. A little late but hope y’all had a happy Halloween. My tablet broke and I’m poor so I had to draw this with good ol fashioned paper and pen.

HarryResol (PC) 2 months ago


I broke my tablet and drew this with a mouse, rip. This mount is my girlfriends favorite so I tried to do right by her. Ha hope she likes it and I hope you all do too.

HarryResol (PC) 4 months ago


Wow. I planned on coloring but these body parts were way tougher to draw than I thought. Sorry I couldn't get to do more I had 3 tests this week too ha but seriously, horse body parts, difficult.

HarryResol (PC) 5 months ago


No description entered

HarryResol (PC) 5 months ago


Just a scared girl with her prehistoric helper.

HarryResol (PC) 6 months ago


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