The Trotting Otter singing "Hello" by Adele, with a few changes in the lyrics :D

Cold, hard, and in pieces, due to the loss of the rest of her kind

The Trotting Otter eating an otter pop!

Beware the energy emanating from the blocktron fragment! 

I hope bad puns are allowed, because I am sure the "Different Style" bit will be shaking me off

It's adorable!

Is submitting an entire album of Deli-related art allowed?

This was pretty fun to do, do tell me ideas for other Trove-related colour schemes I should try out.

Was disappointed with my art, so I did colouring instead, and hopefully this doesn't look too bad

Tried to make the colours accurate to the TV show, do tell me how I did

A rendered 3D model of the Sagesaurus head! 

My drawing of Aynat's cat, Brisa *Cue the cat choir*

*Ahem* Wintegra is coming...

Could someone please tell me the name of her cats? For art-naming purposes

Coloured the Maelstrom monitor, tried to make it look textured, but I don't think that went too well. Tell me what you think!

I found the site sometime in June this year, when I was looking for a fan-made site to submit my fanart. Trovesaurus (In my eyes) was exactly was what I was looking for, and I use it the exact same way to this day. The thing that I would like to see on Trovesaurus in future is for the community to grow and flourish, and so making the experience on the site even more unique and exceptional. 

Happy Anniversary Trovesaurus!

Awww~ Possibly the most adorable one of all the contest submissions!

An idea for a Tomb Raiser costume, please tell me if you decide to make a mod on this.

The final boss area for Evilagician's Neon City lair, from the inside. 

Not too bad, if I say so myself. Spent 5 hours drawing, re-drawing, and re-re-drawing this.

Looks amazing!... Although I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight....

I use GIMP, which isn't exactly specifically for pixel art :p

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'll learn from my mistakes, and hopefully I won't end up focusing on one specific part of the picture instead of perfecting the entire thing, like I have done for the gun here.

... IT'S SO CUTE *Ahem* I mean... err.... it's rather adorable!

Tried to make the Cyberian Survivor peeking out of the snow, but it turned out to be the worst thing I have made as of yet. I'm slightly ashamed to be uploading this.


Just a trove builder that loves making Pixel Art. I will be taking art suggestions from you guys if I run out of ideas. (Which is surprisingly often)

My DeviantArt page:

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