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Thawfoot (PC) 2 weeks ago

Any chance of doing this more then once  since i get all the drops over and over after completion cept for the Otherworldly Battery ?

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Thawfoot (PC) 4 weeks ago

Yea  I can't understand how they expect new players to able to do even normal st past pin without a carry from a higher level players. tbh,I really cant 8 new players in the 5k pr range doing normal st. I get the encouraging teamwork, But i have been also dealing with a lot of frustrated new players (lower pr) who cant even get past hydra nevermind the dreadnought in normal. But i got to say  i really like the update for the most part

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Thawfoot (PC) 2 months ago

Also had a problem with 5/9 and 6/9 the kill quest  did real well in a water biomes in the fae area

Both are there and a little hard to tell apart,  but after a few mins  you can see the differance easly enough

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