Atronos skateboarding crab thing

Oh noes! it's that time of the year again! Chrono has turned more evil than usual and lured CerkazGS and his oblivion rabbit into her giant pumpkin prison!

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Made an attempt to draw in something else than paint

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That guy to the left, is kinda hot...

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a drawing of my favorite mount with a mustache.

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i can't draw something so pretty :(

Let's honor paint while it's here. :)

Can finally enjoy the huge community of denmark, (o.o)

It looks best at night, when you can't see it.

Made as a fun little idea about the recent forum rant about the new dragon and it's codes.

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"The confused shadowhunter"

The community!

Finally a game without the toxic community, in trove there is always some cool person you can chill with for hours. Community is what keeps you playing after your done with the rest. ;)

looks cool!




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