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My first time with render ;)

More fun than art ;)

Animation of party on the occasion of 3rd anniversary of Trovesaurus. I hope you like it.

I don't know why chloromancer is juggle banana allies but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYNAT!!!

I will see how change of shades of colours will influence the general appearance in the game and  if change will be good I will update my mod. Anyway thanks for all advice and nice words.

COSTUME ( Ice Sage)

I used in this art some elements of my previous arts, so that is in spite of it the whole is in the 100% of my authorship ;)

I made very similar one in game so whisper me if you want to see it ;)

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We all go to this hospital :D

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I know. I know. I don't end it in 100% but I was too tired to end this, so I left this in this conditon.

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Good idea but I think that not many players come from Poland, but who knows maybe I'm wrong ;)


other screens https://imgur.com/a/Y4Mfj

The comic aims to make a humorous show p2w system. It is not intended to offend the game ;)


I'm Trove player that is enthusiast of grinding. Some times I make some mod or art.

If you want to talk with me you can find me in some weekends on:


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