Saw Tali using this cool birdo and couldn't leave it out. <3

Rinaly (PC) 3 months ago


For me, it is the community that keeps me always entertained. I have met many nice people and I always enjoy having fun with them. Another thing I love are creations, such as mounts and costumes, I am always looking forward to add something new to my collection. 

1) I would like to see a story writing contest, for example, I can imagine really nice Christmas ones     in a couple of months, or Halloween themed. 

2) Another nice thing could be a birthday reminder, showing the people that are celebrating.

3) More options for clubs to promote themselves, such as a weekly compilation of the                         best/funniest/most creative builds chosen by people´s votes?



So I´ve decided to draw my shadow hunter character. My favourite combination is Rosewood Huntress costume and Cotton Candy, which I like to call Ballerina. :D

Rinaly (PC) 7 months ago


Bloob likes fluffy, and Vitus hair is a definition of fluffy!

Rinaly (PC) 8 months ago


No, we ran out of grapes. '-'

Happy birthday, Swiftnightshadow!

Rinaly (PC) 8 months ago


hahaah pls we all know the truth

This is so cool! ^^ :D


Happy birthday, Chrono! 

Rinaly (PC) 9 months ago


oh ma goshhhh Diana <3 

Good idea, I guess?

Isnt it like they just closed it to enter the giveaway, but they will raffle on this Sunday?


19 years old slovak girl, currently a college student

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