This is why you don't win . Read the rules.

Wow What a Huge Giveaway Goodluck to everyone!

Wow Thank you for this! :)


Can you sell the dormant egg on market?

Hahaha Yeah <3 

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Caslex (PC) 7 months ago


Shadow Hunter Base on my Character Class

Caslex (PC) 7 months ago


Leveling up , farming Dungeons and Building clubworlds with my friends.

*Add Account Linking. (Like linking your steam account/or social media account to trovesaurus website).

*Add more account login security . (Like adding Multifactor Authentication , if somehow you forgot to logout your account on a "computer" browser you dont own).

*A way to add custom language besides the ones in the drop down list.

*Add website themes? (Like blind mode , dark mode etc...)


 #Maybe you could also add a page with the updated pricing list of all ingame items in trove

- Overall everything looks fine on the website

Voted: Pirate Captain


Oh my I would like to Improve more in making trove trailers Thanks for the comment :D 

Best Combined with Super Magical :D

What Languages? 



Free Class Coin

Before you reach Mastery 20 by using Caslex's Refer-A-Friend Code


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