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aw that's cute

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2 weeks ago

is it really already 3 years?. wow, i just joined like half year ago i guess?. okay, how should i start this. just wow, i don't know. lol. i wish this site could stay more longer, and became cooler. i hope there's not a problem on handling this site, keep it up. and, yeah. just that hehe.

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Karadal the Templar

4 months ago

why is it so hard to see, where is the face.

wow, this feature was cool, so sad. there's only few indonesia people here.i mean in this site. and yeah, maybe you should make more cool looking ui and maybe like "Welcome [your name]" in the country community page?. in their own language [woah, that must be hard]

bro, jadi managernya gih bro.

saya tau perasaan anda.

for real?. two headed?

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Celestial Hydra

4 months ago

hoho, now we have a use for glim

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Light Glim Ranger!

4 months ago

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DinoRanger [Red]

5 months ago

this looks cool, it replaces what mount?

looks like a knight, nice

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Shiny Duck

5 months ago

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