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.....hic...hello guys.. hic.....just wanna say, Kampaiii to..hic...AtrOnOSssz....Drink moderately trovians! hahaha..hic....zZ

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I've uploaded mine, tagged with Radiant Skyshark Colouring :))))


Hope you like it Aino ^_^

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Sir Etaew, I have submitted an Entry for the Shadow hunter Contest, but I couldn't find the tag for it. The ones i can see are Megalithic Art & Building Contest only. I hope my entry will count, because there's still 2 hours remaining before the contest ends.

I couldn't find the TAG for SH CONTEST. The ones I can see are Megalithic Art & Building Contest. I hope this will count. T_T huhu

#3 Entry, Cursed Skylands Loading ScreenNow Loading text font and style is:  "9" , " Beast Machines "

#2 Entry, Drowned World Loading ScreenNow Loading text font and style is:  "9" ,  " Beast Machines "

#1 Entry, Igneous Islands Loading Screen.Now Loading Text font and style is:  "9" , " Beast Machines ".

It's nice to hear that mate, I also have a friend who is mentally challenged. Playing Trove makes him improve his socialization skills and one way to calm his mind everytime he experiences high levels of Anxiety (panicking).

What I like in trove is the graphics, though I am playing on the lowest settings because of my laptop. The variety of classes which suites every individual's personality and gameplay. I commend also the difficulty of the shadow towers especially in ultra mode which makes it more challenging. I also like the Weekly contests, in that way you can make people play trove more often for them to get those essential rewards to boost their character levels. All in all, Trove improved some aspects of my life such as:

1.) Patience
2.) Perseverance
3.) Understanding
4.) Socialization and
5.) Creativity

I didn't regret playing Trove for 2 years ^_^

Here's a "cramming the night before deadline entry" haha lols. I was still able to make some art, despite of the little amount of time i have. I'm quite busy these few days . . . . . xD

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I asked a clubmate of mine to take a picture with his Llama mount on. Beautiful!

Primordial beings, my entry last Mantle of Power Contest. 05/28/2016. It's in the Art Contests.

May hidden talent ka pala Digong haha xD


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Hope you like it  :D

RNGesus here me please! :)))


Hello! :)) I go by the IGN of Nervash24, got it from one of the coolest animes I've seen when I was a kid.  

I've been playing trove since May 2015 :)) I never got to play the beta, but back on those Trove was not that quite popular yet. I remembered back when the challenge rewards were still "dragon souls", it is used to craft the dragons in the hub. The first dragon I got was the Ancestral Dragon. Then, Sky giants from the sky realm, we're the real bosses back in those days, bringing the whole squad just to defeat it. Then that secret portal in the HUB located at the farthest west of the map, it has an exact location but i already forgot it, its way beyond the map. When you enter it you will be taken to the old HUB. ahhh memories . . . . . Trove never fails to amused me, though there are times that i got tired and stop playing, but still I came back. Hopefully, Trove will continue to grow and entice new players. 



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