My interpretation of the soulkeeper costume. \(u_u\ )(Although I only added the rib cage, because I wanted to draw one lol)

Aww, thank you!

 I really like your art style!

A serious fae trickster with weird-angled wings. \(.__.\ )

Draw-on-mustache by my dragon pub. :')

Plaguepurge Pollinator, because the costume makes me want to main the chloromancer lol

And I'm always very glad to hear that! <:

No description entered

Llama based on my favorite mount, the shkeletal shmeep. <:

Thank you so much! :D

No chicken this time, bc I thought a raven would be more fitting forthe dark boomeranger :')

Sorry for the flat coloring, but I'm hella busy with school atm. >:

Glad you like it! c:

I hope I don't mess this up, because it's my first time using imgur lol

Thank you? xD

Thanks! (:

The greatest parrot of them all

lol, this is the first time someone called me professional...xD

Thank you very much! It's always fun to compete against you, 

so I'm really happy that you like my work! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Thank you! :D

Well, I got a little carried away with the design :V

Thank you! :D

No description entered

No description entered

Thank you!!

No description entered


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