* Level 20 Shadow Hunter Costume

* Shadome

* Starting Bow

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

COSTUME ( Dracolyte)

COSTUME ( Boomeranger)


COSTUME ( Chloromancer)

It's pretty and stuff.

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Replaces the Level 20 Shadow Hunter Costume.

COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

Replaces Ingame Costume

Good Luck Llama Lovers~


This was literally just a test mod to try and mess around with a concept.

Great Interview! Gives us insight on how kawaii makes all those amazing mods ;P ~



GL everyoe and thanks for the giveaway pen~

COSTUME ( Knight)


Replaces Skin With Another

Troveasaurs is a great website with an outstanding community of helpful talented individuals that got me into modding and helped me in rough times while modding. The website is a great place for the trove community to come together and share ideas, art, mods and anything else thought up! Most recently what got my attention was Commander Vituses cards as an example!


Here's to 2 great years for a great website!


I'm a normal human like you other humans. Also Leader of the Australia Club.


I make mods in my free time, feel free to request something for me to make~

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