COSTUME ( Neon Ninja)

RePlaCeS sTuFf WitH OThEr sTuFf.

cuz im sooooo gud at artsy stuphs :^)



Pretty much what every one else said

Link bellow for screenshots (they're 5 of them so if i added them in this comment it would turn up really big)

Imgur album of the front site page

Voted: Neon Ninja


Ah ok, glad that's sorted out now.

Ganda to Illuri or Illuri to Ganda?

Im confused :(


It is kinda weird having the "Total health" first and then the "current health" shouldn't it be the other way around?

Anyway, looks quite interesting will take a better look.

Wow! That griffon is gorgeous! Love it


That hat... please... looks awesome though! :D

Alright thank you very much for the info!

We can submit as many logos as we want or 1 is the max? I can't seem to find any restrictions on the amount.

Voted: Neon Ninja

Because hes kewl

COSTUME ( Neon Ninja)



A small replica of the Saturn V space rocket.


Replaces Mag Racer (Craftable mag rider) with a steam locomotive.

Casual human being (or so i've been told) that enjoys good games and music

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