replaces the Holy Halo Aura with the Sun and Moon Aura that was only obtainable via purchasing the Maniac Gem Pack

""Bad Quinnce. Bad.""

Quinnce may be bad, but her Art is AMAZING!!

Entry invalid as you stole someone elses work and tried passing it off as your own.

Want to nom nom nom Primordial Flame!

Good freakin' job man. This is grrreat!

Entry is invalid per Contest Rules. Please Read the Rules at

Words cannot express just how much I am love with this chrono

 They're actually not the only types considered for winning. You could've totally drawn something up and scanned it as an entry.

Nice stolen Pinterest post you have there. Original

Dr. Strange as a playable Class?

Goodluck to all!!!

This seems like a MONUMENTAL task (which is why it's a great reason to recruit the Community) and you can count me in :D

I commonly use this Website to track down obscure information that's not regularly updated elsewhere, and find it extremely helpful when needing a quick look throught the Models to find a Blueprint. I appreciate all that you are, and all that you guys do, and I will be supporting Trovesaurous Gold.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Few small perks here and there. Mostly I like the Site and all that you do for the Community so here, Shut Up and Take My Money!!


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