The classes, guides and/or the returning players page.

I am not sure why exactly, but I find this one less "Trove styled" than the rest, but this may be bacause DT is still new.

Voted: Boomeranger

Highest was 8500 and lowest 5000 if I remember correctly.

"A Trove Pack will be rewarded for the best of each unique language submitted that has at least 50% of the entries unlocked".

I am bad at math, but somehow could count more than 7 unique languages on the translation page. I read the original event annoucement again and there was not a single hint that only the most used languages will be rewarded. If the idea was to "expand the audience of Trovesaurus" why reward only the audiences that are big already? 

Sounds great, wish it was available for all languages.

The mods section could use a rework/improvements to make finding cool mods easier. My suggestion is to add Featured mods section on top of the Recent mods on the front page (or remove the recent) that will show the highest rated mods.

Looks very good and gets better with each art.

Bulgarian language is missing.

E-ta-ew is how I read it

I have read most of the developer interviews so far and they all have 1 thing in common - promises that never come true. The Trove team should learn to say no, it is impossible to keep everyone happy.

How many people are working on Trove at the moment?

I found out about mods while searching for a guide to make styles. What I love about them is how fast and easy they can be installed into the game and the amount of detail some people put in them. I prefer gameplay/performance mods, but also love to just look at what people have made and apreciate the high quality ones.

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xYorYx 1 year ago


I love all of Gold's current features and hope to see more in the future.

Seing him as a woman really surpriced me and I kinda miss his giant ice cream that we all love him for ^^

To be honest I just want the site to continue to exist, it gets better with time anyway (I love the new look of the top side). I am not sure how good/bad the financial side is, so I guess some more ways that it can make money, like some kind of subsciber system or maybe a store selling merchandise? Just keep up the good work and ask us when/if you need help ^^

Voted: Boomeranger

Greetings, Trovian! With the Mantle of Power expansion the highest possible gear quality is now Stellar. This guide will explain how to upgrade any Radiant 5 star gear into Stellar.  

I think I uploaded my guide too early, can you please check if I got an entry? The guide name is "Upgrading gear from Radiant to Stellar".

It was really fun to do a guide once again, I have done tons of guides over the years for all kind of games, wish I had the time to make more and better quality guides. Also I think you should limit the tags to be only predefined so most of the guides don't show at the others section.

Kiwi drawn by my daughter. She is 5 yearls old and really likes Trove.

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