It may not be the home of the hero ,but Everyone asked for it 

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When I think about scientist... I always think to blueberry cake. Do not mind me, I'm just hungry. LUL

anime eyes  LUL 

ya lady OCs really cute XD

Hope ya like it!

At frist i wanted to draw u pirate captain but i think he look like dont like the party then i let him sleep in that tent instead. lol

Camping and let's celebrate!

long time no see in this wep

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The end of the year is a time when I feel very lonely.. But I'm happy with it :D 


I think Pixel Art is difficult for me. TvT

i just wanna draw Chill day of Blocktron with my priate captain. Hope u like!

" There is an option better than me so? "i just wanna draw some queen as my style ,Hope u like!

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คิดสีไม่ออกแล้ว Orz

Hope u like XDand HBD!

I'm not good at drawing a Raptor. I hope you will like it! 

Have no idea about the background lol

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