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Scary Mushroom King-Dude

12 minutes ago

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Beemancer Punmaster

14 hours ago

Different art style? Oh Ho HOOOOO this will be fun! Thank you for this new challenge haha >:3

Im not really sure how to do the Feedback Contest, so ill just post it here!


I found out about this website when I was trying to find good Trove related sites for ways to see the things that I need for my Trove animated series I am planning. This site has helped me out alot! Im getting some things in one of my favorite games, I get to do things with one of my favorite communities, and this site has helped me get Alot better at art! Thank you for making this site and I hope I can become a more well-known person here!


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Jet Jammer :3

3 weeks ago

This should be a costume :P

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Does a recoloration of the neon city one count? I can't find the exact color scheme for it... x~x

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Macedoine Master :3

3 weeks ago

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Pandafest Thingy

3 weeks ago

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Green Dino Ranger :P

4 weeks ago

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Star Skipper o3o

4 weeks ago

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Vengeful Spirit

4 weeks ago

You get the talismans from uber 8 worlds, I think, then you craft em' at the Adventures crafting bench. :P

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Hmmm.... Mabye we could do an art, not really contest, but mabye some type of Trovesaurus themed mount that we could all make together, kinda like a collab! I think that would be cool :P

Yeah, it has like brown particles coming from it ^^

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An artist that loves anything to do with the Weeping Prophet. Is also known as ShooperShroom Animations on YouTube.

Don't ask <3

Also loves the Tomb Raiser

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