Where be the mushroom boi xP

Gloomwing is underrated :(

What did you expect from a Soon-To-Be animator that loves making his own characters? Oh, you didn't know that? Well...

Greetings Earthlings, I am your superior, er.. Dragon... Raptor... Thing!

Just say all seasons are the best already! Spore dosent like when you guys fight... Every Single Year...

One of the Corrupted Prophet's many treasures in his lair.

Ok, so the description images I uploaded aren't working... I'll talk to Etaew about it.

I decided to make blocktron as a team. I noticed that his legs were little cat heads, so that's where this inspiration comes from. This is part of my entry!

Nothern Lights boi! Ice Sage n' friends hangin' out in the snow '3'

But, Otters don't make dams! On the contrary, my friend, " Otters do not build dams as beavers do, but in some areas otters may build their dens within an abandoned beaver dam. "

I Beelieve these are some bad puns, but dont worry, I hope they wont Beecome an annoyance to you.

Different art style? Oh Ho HOOOOO this will be fun! Thank you for this new challenge haha >:3

Good scenery, Bad Characters. I can't do both <3

Im not really sure how to do the Feedback Contest, so ill just post it here!


I found out about this website when I was trying to find good Trove related sites for ways to see the things that I need for my Trove animated series I am planning. This site has helped me out alot! Im getting some things in one of my favorite games, I get to do things with one of my favorite communities, and this site has helped me get Alot better at art! Thank you for making this site and I hope I can become a more well-known person here!


LAST COLORING SUBMISSION BABY! WOOO000OOO00000OOOOOOO00--{*Spore has encountered an error, closing program.*}

This should be a costume :P

I hope this is the right picture! :D

Does a recoloration of the neon city one count? I can't find the exact color scheme for it... x~x

Macedoine Master costume :333

{[(Sorry For Bad Lighting X~X)]}     Grim hangin out with his friendss... Why does nobody remember that the Normal panda isnt allowed? .__.

Added a few touches, such as the Face. Whenever I look at "Golemancer" I think of "Molemancer", Im making that an art piece now.

Green Dino Ranger costume, with game accurate ish colors :P

Cyberian Survivor, emphasis on survivor... Trove needs some more action, AmIRite? :P (PS, sorry if its too bloody, haha I feel no shame >:D)


An artist that loves anything to do with the Weeping Prophet. Is also known as ShooperShroom Animations on YouTube.

Don't ask <3

Also loves the Tomb Raiser


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